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I'm about to write about something scary, so let's all calm down first of all.  Here's a calming photo to get us in the mood:

(It's a view overhead at VanDusen Botanical Garden, of the leaves of the Albizia (Silk Tree) silhouetted against the sky). 

I've been scared befo...

I was at my fave local yarn store (Three Bags Full) having a chat, as one does (when it doesn't seem too busy and the staff show every indication of keeping the conversation going--occasionally I can indeed pick up on some obvious social cues!), and the topic turned to...

I strongly considered calling this post "Knitting After Dying" but suspected most of you would think I don't know how to spell.

So, my mother's moving to a lovely new house and she's anxious to downsize, which in her case means "move to a larger home but put fewer thing...

It's almost time to steek.

If you're a beginning knitter, you may have no idea what I'm talking about (but then again, as a beginning knitter, you're probably used to that).

A steek* is a set of extra stitches you add to a garment so that you can cut them out later.  I k...

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