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March 26, 2019

I was bingeing Brain Games on Netflix (still am, with an exception for finishing Downton Abbey before it disappears April 1st), and in one recent episode they demonstrated how incredibly creative children are compared to adults. 

I think of myself as quite the creative...

March 22, 2019

Once again, I have acquired some yarn I didn't really need.  This happens to me a lot, and, if you're a Textile Artist (i.e. you make stuff with yarn—dishcloths and baby hats count) and you have been at it for more than a week then it has undoubtedly happened to you, t...

March 13, 2019

Knitters be warned: this post is mostly about the glowing spirit of indomitability that resides in us all, but superficially it sounds like I'm talking about crochet (perhaps because I'm talking about crochet).

As a knitter, I love projects that give me a little nudge o...

When I first become obsessed with some new passion, be it knitting, gardening, musical theatre, or people surnamed Hemsworth, naturally I want to know more about it.  How does one purl successfully? What climate zone is my garden in? Is a "musical" different from a mus...

In a video game, once you have achieved certain goals, you get to level up.  Oftentimes a bell will ring, some sort of alert will appear, and you get to choose new skills that will enhance your ability to:

  • throw flames from your hands at undead skeleton warriors (en...

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