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Today's post is going to be almost entirely of interest to knitters, so take that non-knitters who foolishly persist in reading my blog for the occasional humour! I'll be using terms like "short rows" and "decreases" and I'm not even going to explain them in the Glossa...

This has been a difficult week (coming at the end of a few difficult months). It has been a time of grieving, a time of sorrow, and therefore definitely a time for knitting. For some people comfort comes when picking up that warm latte, or that foamy mug of beer, or si...

I'm cah-razy busy right now (you heard me--a three syllable crazy, that's how busy I am!) as my next show (I write musicals, when I'm not busy knitting, guiding, blogging, reading, or doing my day job as the Most Important Institutional Researcher in the country) is ab...

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